The Advanced Prompt Writer Tool Version 2

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Write complex and effective prompts by combining prewritten prompt parts, similar to Lego blocks.

Works great with chatGPT, GPT4 and all other AI models.

You can paste the prompt in your favourite AI text box model.

Take a look at the pictures to see how the tool works.

It includes 11 Templates with over 300 property values:

1. Writer

2. Editor

3. Copywriter

4. Question Writer

5. Swiss Knife Assistant

6. Brainstorming Partner

7. Speed Typist

8. Anki Flashcards Writer

9. Translator

10. Programmer

11. Tutor

The templates are comprehensive (and there will be more added in the future), but the big feature is the fact that you can very easily customise them to your specific work and needs. This will make the tool especially useful for daily work, learning or just for fun.

Other features:

- Interface and property values in 5 Languages: English, Spanish, German, Arabic and French.

- 3 Types of favourite prompts lists, easily customisable with your favourite prompts/prompt snippets.

- A detailed Read Me on how to use it and customise it.

- Super easy one minute workflow to customise the properties.

- You will receive Version 3 for free.

The tool is built with HTML/CSS/Javascript and works in any browser without any dependencies.

You'll get a link to download a zip. Unzip it and open any of the files to start. No installation needed.

If you have any questions, please send me a DM on Twitter:

Happy prompting!

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English, Spanish, German, French and Arabic
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The Advanced Prompt Writer Tool Version 2

30 ratings
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